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The Company

SiciKalor is a product entirely projected and realized by Officine Giovanni Sicignano S.r.l., a company settled in the suburb of Salerno, working since 1996 in the field of metallic carpentry with remarkable experience on sheet working, soldering on thicknesses and many other different materials, and even less shot blasting and varnishing of its works.

An industry holding a mature experience, passing it on with tradition from one generation to the other.

In 2002 Officine Sicignano obtains the good seal of quality certification in conformity with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (ISO 9001:2008).
During the years Officine Sicignano, seriously and professionally, improves the planning and the production through continuous improvements and investments, operated by a group of experienced professionals and also thanx to the use of vanguard machineries.

Because of such skills, the company creates the brand SiciKalor (firewood burning electric Fireplace and multi-fuel).

A product of high technical quality and aesthetic beauty, certified and conforming the European standards UNI EN 13229, which for over 10 years has been specifying the qualifications according to the planning, the realization and the methods of Fireplace trial fomented by solid fuels.

The first line of Fireplaces with performances comparable to boilers.

Its realization constantly followed and monitored by qualified staff, to guarantee the final customer the certainty of installing in the house a safe and reliable product.



SiciKalor is a company continuously on the move and on development which always looks at the future, modernizing and researching new horizons in the field of heating. A continuous growth which daily takes up Giovanni Sicignano Officine in a constant and professional planning, to fully satisfy all demands and to widen its own range of products, with innovative, safe, reliable and efficient devices: characteristics which have always clearly marked the company.

Coming soon: Double Fire 30>> The one and only Hydro-electric powered Fireplace with high performance, in 16:9' format, double-sided.
Plus in storage we also have: Fireplace kit for closed circuit plant, thermo-kitchen, basement boiler, pellet insert and many other innovative products which will bring SiciKalor to be a top brand in this field.

Trusting our company means aiming high!


Company Direction
Pasquale Sicignano

Technical Direction
Claudio Evangelista